Who are we?

We are the Barley Mow Supporters

We're a group of Bramley residents working together to bring back the Barley Mow into community ownership.

Barley Mow Supporters started out because two local residents, Sophie and Fuzzy, spotted that the pub was up for sale and asked around to see if anyone thought a community-run pub would be a good idea. The response was 'yes' from lots of people. That's how the best things start, with a thumbs up, a yes, a nod of agreement. 

So now, a few months on, we have a small organising committee of local residents - Sophie, Fuzzy, Karen, John, Shaun, Fran. We've set up the Barley Mow Supporters as a constituted group; we've held two public events - a public consultation at the Barley Mow, and a day of community business planning. We're now finalising a business plan over the summer with the help of local residents, experts from the Plunkett Foundation, and with advice from other community-run pubs who have been in our shoes, faced the same challenges and reclaimed their 'local' for the benefit of their area. We're working hard to build a business model that works for the community and that washes its own face.

Barley Mow Supporters is an independent group run purely by volunteers. 

If you believe that Bramley deserves places to be proud of, and if you'd like to help Bring the Barley Mow Back - then you're a supporter too!